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Rental Returns & Capital

Growth in Australia's best investment locations

Gain access to exclusive and off-market investment opportunities across Australia in regions with some of the highest economic and population growth.

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Rental Returns & Capital

Growth in Australia's best investment locations

Gain access to exclusive and off-market investment opportunities across Australia in regions with some of the highest economic and population growth.

Liviti sources investment

properties to suit your


Our team specialises in assisting property seekers like you to build a diverse portfolio that offers strong returns and low maintenance, providing a reliable pathway to long-term financial success.

Invest with Confidence & Build Your Future

We offer a data-driven, established, systematic approach to property investment that is customised to suit your individual needs and financial circumstances.

Our dedicated team takes the necessary time to develop a personalised program that is tailored to your current requirements that can be adaptable to future changes.

Market Insights

& Data Analysis

Enhance your competitive advantage through the profound market knowledge of our expert team. Leveraging a decade of data, we offer actionable insights that enable you to make well-informed investment choices.



Whether you aim to safeguard your retirement, support your children's future, or strive for financial independence, we actively listen and collaborate with you to align your specific goals with appropriate investments.

Individualised Investment


Your investment strategy should be as unique as you are. Our dedicated strategists develop a personalised investment plan that aligns with your risk tolerance, time-line, and financial objectives, ensuring you're on the right path to financial success.

Accelerate Your Property

Portfolio Growth. Invest

for Unmatched Wealth


Expand your investment horizons beyond the local market

Explore properties in booming regions for untapped possibilities

Tap into areas with projected population and economic growth

Unlock the potential for higher returns and greater diversification

Client Success starts here.

Yours can too.

Purchased 2 properties with Liviti and

generated over $275K in equity in under

2 years

"Having dealt with Liviti for a few years now,

I know what they are telling me is straight."

David & Yvonne


3 properties valued at 1.8 million combined,

with over $200k in equity in less than

3 years

"We are not experts in this market but with

Liviti we can make a safe choice"

Sandra & George Castro

Customer Service and Builder

Purchased 1 property and generated $100k

in equity in under

12 months

"The team at Liviti put my needs first and

provided guidance and clarity"

Norm Hanna

Sales Associate

Why Property Investment Outperforms Any Other Assets

Consistent Rental Yield

Unlike stocks and cryptocurrencies, property investment offers a reliable source of income through rental yield, ensuring stability and a steady cash flow.

Diversified Property Portfolio

Property investment allows you to create a varied portfolio of tangible assets that can appreciate over time, providing protection against market volatility.

Tax Advantages

Explore the unique tax benefits of property investment, including claiming mortgage interest, depreciation, and more as a tax deduction, saving you thousands in taxes.

Accelerated Mortgage Payoff

With property investment, you can leverage rental income and property appreciation to pay off your mortgage faster, increasing your equity and achieving financial freedom sooner.

Hedge Against Inflation

Property investment serves as an effective hedge against inflation. As the cost of living rises, rental income and property values tend to increase, allowing investors to preserve and potentially grow their wealth in real terms.

Access to Growing Regions

Broaden your investment horizons beyond your local area and explore properties in regions poised for population and economic growth. Unlock greater potential for higher returns and diversification through strategic interstate investments.

Unlock Exclusive Property


Our investment strategists customise opportunities to maximise return on investment based on your unique wealth creation goals and aspirations. We identify high-potential properties and analyse key factors such as location dynamics, market trends, and rental demand. With our tailored approach, we align each investment opportunity with your long-term objectives.

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