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Off The Plan & New Apartments for Sale in Fairfield


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  • The listings available on this page are for Fairfield NSW 2165. Find our more off the plan apartments in Sydney here.
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About Fairfield NSW 2165

Off the plan apartments in Fairfield

Fairfield has many new and off the plan apartment purchasing opportunities on offer for those looking to live or invest in a region that’s got it all!

With median property prices significantly lower than average, it’s no wonder that it’s gaining a lot of popularity amongst apartment buyers.

Full of transportation opportunities, getting to work has never been easier. The rest of Greater Western Sydney is also well within reach via road and public transport by bus or train from Fairfield station.

An apartment in this region is the solution to all your convenience problems – you’ll never have to go too far! Whether you’re looking to do a quick shopping (head to Neeta City Shopping Centre), indulge in a good feed (plenty of cafes and restaurants around) or enjoy the greenery of the parks and reserves, it’ll never be boring here. You can even support some small businesses and engage with the locals at the Fairfield markets.

Major Upgrades

1. New Fairfield Library and Fairfield HQ

Both the new Fairfield Library and Fairfield HQ Business Hub are now open! The buildings have been built and transformed into community spaces with access to workspaces, Council services and Internet access with the potential for future expansions if needed.

2. Deerbush Park – all accessible playground

2021 saw the opening of Fairfield’s all accessible playground to provide play and exercise opportunities to people of all ages and all abilities.

This saw the inclusions of:

  • Play equipment for all abilities including a liberty swing and wheelchair-accessible carousel
  • Splash pad
  • Exeloo building – safer and more hygienic public bathrooms
  • Walking paths and outdoor gym equipment

3. Smithfield Road Upgrade

NOW COMPLETE! The upgrade for Smithfield Road to a 2-way, 4-lane carriageway from Elizabeth Drive to Polding Street.

As part of the government’s 10-year road investment program of more than $3.6 billion for Western Sydney, the $16.4 million in essential road upgrades for Fairfield mean less time stuck in traffic.

Current Fairfield Projects

EVO Fairfield

EVO represents the growth and transformation of Fairfield, introducing luxury and modern living to the region.

  • Luxury 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments
  • Close proximity to parks and recreations – Western Sydney Parklands in 15 min
  • 5 min to Fairfield Train Station
  • 15 min to Parramatta CBD and Liverpool
  • Timber floorboards for Living & dining, Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Doors and Quality Franke stainless steel appliances
  • Secure underground parking

Why should you buy off the plan apartments?

This question should read “why shouldn’t you buy off the plan apartments?”. There are some significant advantages of buying an apartment.

#1 More Time to Save

Buying off the plan means that a purchase price is agreed upon before construction. This provides you with plenty of time to save for future repayments during the building process regardless of the change in the market. Since the property is already secured an increase in its value before the settlement date does not mean you need to pay that price. It’s like a discount!

#2 Benefits and Incentives

Deposit benefits

Typically you’ll only have to pay a deposit to the developer and the remaining balance when the property is complete. Did we mention that this deposit only needs to be around 10% (5% if you’re a first home buyer!).

Tax benefits
  • Depreciation benefits – this is where you can claim on the building, as well as the fittings and fixtures and the savings, which are often highest in the first year.
  • Negative gearing – this tax break is typically for investors, especially those on a higher salary and occurs when there is a shortfall. This is where your mortgage costs are not entirely covered by your rent and the difference needs to be made up from your own pocket.
Government Concessions

Stamp duty grants are the most common concessions offered, which can be a saving of tens of thousands of dollars.

Another important one to note if you are buying your first home is that you could also be eligible for the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG). Rules and grant amounts vary depending on the state or territory, so you can check out your eligibility here.

#3 Design Input

When you buy an already existing property, what you see is what you get. You have very little choice in terms of the finishes of the property unless your plan is to knock it down and rebuild it the way you want. So why not just buy an off the plan property? Since the purchase occurs before the beginning of construction, you potentially have more options of level, aspect or floorplan AND an opportunity to negotiate changes to the interior design.

#4 Make a capital gain before you move in

As previously mentioned, purchasing the property before or during its construction period means you are (usually) buying it at its cheapest and so there is a lot of potential for your property to increase in value during the building process.

The process of buying off the plan property for sale

Although this is a different process for every individual, there are some key shared experiences when buying off the plan new apartments.

These include:

  1. Paying your deposit and signing the contract
  1. Your home is under construction
  1. Pre–Settlement & Valuations
  1. Settlement

At the settlement you pay the developer, receive your keys and there you go – you’re ready to move in!

Get Started Today!

Off the plan, property gets sold quickly in Fairfield so it is best to be quick and get started as soon as you can.

Luckily, at Liviti, we’re dedicated to making this an easy process for you.

Register your interest in buying an off the plan property in Fairfield by clicking on the property listings on this page and clicking “Enquire Now”. It’s that simple!

One of our sales team professionals will reach out to help you with anything you need for your apartment buying journey.

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